The definitive guide to find the best interior designer in Bangalore

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The definitive guide to find the best interior designer in Bangalore

The definitive guide to find the best interior designer in Bangalore

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If you have recently bought a new flat and looking to decorate it, then finding the right interior designer is your next biggest task.Finding the best interior designer

But the truth is that finding a reliable interior designer is very difficult these days as their are too many interior companies to choose from and yet with no simple way to figure out which ones are good.

First lets understand what should be the factors one should consider when analysing an interior firm:

Factor 1: Quality of materials

As there is abundance of choice in materials like plywood, hinges, accessories, etc in the market and most interior firms using different brands of these it makes it very difficult to compare and choose. Whereas some interior firms also offer multiple choices to the customer.


Factor 2: Quality of finish

With advancements in carpentery modern machineries are used these days which give much better finishing of product. While some interior companies use modern machines others still use traditional tools - where the quality is dependant on the workmanship of the carpenters.

Factor 3: Price Rating

As no standardization exists the pricing of different firms is different and may need deep analysis. One needs to understand the sqft costs and look for hidden costs as well like designsing, transportation, etc. Recommended reading: Brief guide to woodwork costing in Bangalore

Factor 4: Type of Designing offered

While some interior designers offer 3D views others offer 2D ones. One also needs to see if the type of designs done by them in the past are to your liking.

Factor 5: Past record on service

One must also look at the past record/ratings of an interior firm and try to see through their dedication for delivering the best service.

Conclusion: Overall this can be a daunting task and that's one of the reason we started honestcollars - where you can get your interiors done by the top 10% interior firms in Bangalore. We have a strict screening process where we look at all the above mentioned factors and back all the projects by doing extensive quality checks and providing warranty.

Hope this article will help you in planning your home interiors project. If you have any doubts do leave them in comments and I will be glad to answer :)

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