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HC Partners

HC Partners are interior firms who have partnered with honestcollars for interior projects and adhere to our quality standards. Please submit an enquiry to see more details about this partner firm.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Honestcollars Work?
Honestcollars is an online marketplace for residential interiors that offers interior designing with guaranteed benefits like top quality work, hassle-free experience and fair pricing. We partner with top interior designers and interior design firms in Bangalore and put in standardization in terms of materials, etc to deliver you a seamless experience with your new home. We assign a quality manager for every project to ensure that our standards are always maintained.

Who are HC Partners?
HC Partners are some of the best interior designers and interior design firms in Bangalore who have partnered with Honestcollars for residential interior projects and adhere to Honestcollars's pricing and quality stanards. Most interior firms have years of experience and a dedicated team build over time. When you submit an enquiry with us we will shortlist partners for your project and share estimates from them.

What services are covered?
All partners of Honestcollars provide end-to-end turnkey interiors services, this includes furniture like modular kitchen, wardrobes, tv unit, etc and civil works like false ceiling, plumbing, electrical, etc.

Who are the best interior designers in Bangalore?
Honestcollars has partnered with some of the best interior designers and interior design firms in Bangalore. We also back all the projects with top-quality materials, warranty and fair pricing. Please post an enquiry here to get in touch with us.

Which partner will do my project?
All HC partners have been onboarded after extensively quality checking their team and completed projects. Our matching algorithm then finds the best fit partners for your project using a variety of factors including who can work in your area, who fits your budget, etc.

Will the quotes include designing charges?
All quotes are inclusive of basic interior design charges. The details in designing varies on the kind of professional you choose, while some interior firms will provide you with basic 3D sketches showing the structure of the furniture, another interior designer may provide with 3D renders that will entail more details like lighting, colors, etc.

Will the quotes change based on the designs selected?
The quotes will only vary if the selected design is in a different material or finish. For example: If you have selected a design in veneer and the initial quote was sent for a laminate finish then the quote will need to be revised.

What is the difference between factory and on-site work?
With modern machinery available many interior designers execute the projects at their factory and install the furniture at the site, wheras some interior designers do the entire work at the site as it offers flexibility to execute more complicated designs. We ensure that all our partners working in factory have the best machinery and those working at site have highly skilled craftsman to always ensure you get top quality interiors.

How are the rates decided?
We have done extensive research on cost calculation and pre-negotiated the rates with all partner interior designers. We leverage this data to ensure you are never over-charged or under-charged - resulting in compromise on quality.

Why are the rates different for each partner?
Each partner interior designer executes work in their own way and have different offerings. Some execute the work at factory while others do it at the site, there are also differences like laminate choices or ply thickness. Factors like these affect their rates. However, our standards are the same across all partners in terms of quality of materials, usage of tech based processes and fair pricing guarantee to ensure seamless and timely delivery for all projects.

How are these quotes prepared?
Quotes are prepared automatically using our proprietary quote engine based on pre-negotiated rates with partners and measurements from your floor plan. The quote will later be revised based on actual measurements taken on-site. To understand more on pricing check: Brief Guide to Woodwork Costing