Estimated cost of interior designing in Bangalore

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Estimated cost of interior designing in Bangalore

Estimated cost of interior designing in Bangalore

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In this article we will look at the estimated cost for residential interiors in Bangalore. Knowing the estimated cost early helps you manage your finances better and can also help in the loan process.
Cost of home interiors

First lets clear some assumptions I am making in this article:

Assumption 1 - Primary material is Plywood

At honestcollars we use only plywood for all interior projects. Therefore we are not considering estimates based on MDF or Particle Board (PLPB) which is a much cheaper material.

Assumption 2 - Good quality of service

There are vendors who do a bad quality of work and charge very less, at the same time there are some who maintain very high levels of customer satisfaction but also charge a premium. At honestcollars we always tie-up with vendors who do good quality work and at the same time work on reasonable rates.

marketing_picture Now that we are on the same page, lets start to look at estimates for different kinds of projects.

Project Type Purpose Estimated Cost Example Project 1 Example Project 2
2-3 BHK For Rent 2-4 Lakhs Mantri Esplana
(Cost 2.8L)
DS Max Sterling
(Cost 3L)
2-3 BHK For Own - Budget 3-5 Lakhs Ramky One North
(Cost 4.2L)
Godrej E City
(Cost 5.5L)
2-3 BHK For Own - Premium 5-8 Lakhs Isha Misty Green
(Cost 5.2L)
Saffron Square
(Cost 7L)
2-3 BHK/Villa For Own - Luxury 8-40 Lakhs Vaishnavi Orchids
(Cost 15L)
Rainbow Drive
(Cost 22L)

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If you are looking to know a more accurate estimate do try honestcollars - where you get pre-negotiated best rates, guaranteed quality work & on-time completion from the best interior designers in Bangalore. To learn more about honestcollars check this link. To understand how we select the top interior firms read The defintive guide to find the best interior designer in Bangalore

Hope this article will help you in planning your home interiors project. If you have any doubts do leave them in comments and I will be glad to answer :)

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