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Hardware Buying Guide

Note: We do no endorse any particular brand. To make an informed decision please visit nearby hardware stores to compare various brands and products

Whenever you are making new furniture, there are many cabinet hardware options to help you get the results you want. Hinges, channels and lifts are available these days in different forms, so if you are looking out on every fine detail you need to explore these options and upgrade to modern, sophisticated hardware. Our buying guide serves as a starting point for finding the cabinet hardware that’s a great fit for you.


Hinges attach the cabinet door to the frame. The number of hinges you need depends on the height and weight of the door. The default offering for hinges in interior project quotes is usually auto hinges, but you can upgrade to soft closing hinges. There are various brands offering these hardware options at different prices and differing quality. Soft close hinges range from Rs. 400 - Rs. 600 per pair

Soft closing hinges


Channels are attached to the drawers in wardrobes and kitchens. Channels come in pairs and each drawer needs one set. Upgrades available in channels include soft closing channels, push-to-open systems and quadro channels. Again there are various brands offering these options at different prices and differing quality, names. Soft closing channels range from Rs.700 - Rs.1600 per pair.

Soft Closing Telescopic Channels

Quadro Channels

Flap Fittings and Lift Stays

The lift-up mechanism means the door stays out of the way. Starting from basic Flap Stays you can opt for much advanced Lift systems. Its important to note that these fittings also require hinges to be used, therefore adding up to the cost. While the basic flap stays cost around Rs.400 to Rs.600 per pair, more complex fittings can cost around upto Rs.4000 to Rs.6000 a pair


Basic Flap Stay


Advanced Lift Stay

You should also visit showrooms of well-known brands like Hettich, Hafele, Ebco or nearby hardware stores to get a better understanding of which accessories to choose from. Find more details using these links:

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