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Project Inspection Report

Below are some of the issues that were identified in the quality inspection done by our team.We have shared the report to the professional and asked him to rectify these immediately.

Modular Kitchen
  1. Dustbin in utility unit not properly fitted.
  2. Plastic cover to be put for hole done at shelf.
  3. White paint for wood exposed area of dummy in base unit of kitchen.
  4. 2 glass shelves to be put.

Sliding Door Wardrobe
  1. Screw missing – near lock of left hand side drawer.
  2. Top Stopper for left hand side sliding door needs to be adjusted – causing problem for drawer to open.
  3. Bottom drawers of dressing unit should have better free movement.

Master Bedroom Wardrobe
  1. Top Tower-bolt clamp missing in left hand side part of wardrobe.
  2. Minor gap between door and frame in right hand side top part of the wardrobe.

Master Bedroom Wardrobe Loft
  1. Two unwanted small holes on left-hand side of the loft – near hinges.